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Porsche’s new CEO Michael Macht may have just taken over the helm at Porsche, but already he's talking about some big changes in store for Porsche. One near-term goal: to double sales within in the mid to long-term.

Last financial year the automaker’s sales plunged 24% to around 75,200 vehicles. Getting Porsche's sales figures to reach twice their current levels won't be easy, but the recent introduction of the Panamera will almost certainly help the brand reach a broader market. The Cayenne SUV helped move the marque beyond its previous sports-car-only niche, and the Panamera is expected to take that to the next level.

The key, Macht pointed out during an interview with German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, will be the introduction of new models. Macht explained that with Porsche’s existing lineup of four models, sales approaching the 150,000 mark would mean the brand would have to lose much of its exclusivity.

Some of the models on deck to help push sales figures even higher include a rumored roadster positioned below the Boxster, a smaller SUV/crossover to complement the Cayenne and an all-electric vehicle.

With the addition of those cars, Porsche would be nearing the status of full-line automaker, as opposed to its traditional role of focused, performance-driven models.

That change has many long-time brand supporters up in arms, but the alternative to the Volkswagen tie-up might have been even worse for Porsche, as it was carrying over $9 billion in debt and in danger of insolvency. Losing its independence, as tough as that is, is preferable to ceasing to exist altogether, or even worse, a forced liquidation.

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