Wow. Janice Dickinson. You look great. With that trim waistline, those sculpted arms, that unnatural, Sean Hannity-white smile, and those chestnut locks, you look like a slightly elder statesman for the Kardashian tribe.

Also like the Kardashians: that Range Rover. It just screams "young" and "energetic" and "off-road adventure" (or "back seat adventure", as the case may be). It also screams "cougar" and "MILF", but we're guessing you're okay with that. In fact, we're guessing you encourage that, based on the photo of you leaning out the driver's side window, mackin' on some hot young piece of stud pie. You go, mom.

Seriously, with all that going on and your girlie, bubbly demeanor, no one would suspect that you're really 97.