Dual-view displays have been billed as the hottest new technology to hit the automobile since GPS, and though the hype might be overdone, there's a lot of merit to the idea. Americans might not get to find out, however, due to a law prohibiting front-seat entertainment systems.

Based in the common-sense idea of limiting driver distractions, the law also technically rules out use of the new dual-view technology which feeds different images to driver and passenger from a single screen.

Jaguar's new 2010 XJ flagship could be one of the first victims of the law, reports Autocar. The company's own Ian Callum, chief of design, says it's "technically illegal." That technicality could be enough to keep the system out of early models, at least until the regulation can be changed to allow for the new technology.

Of course, that assumes that regulators will be willing to change the rule to allow such dual-view systems.

Given that the whole purpose of the dual-view system is to keep the driver supplied with navigation or other important behind-the-wheel info while limiting the entertainment side to passenger view, approval seems likely, though as with all things governmental, don't expect quick action.

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