From its raging 600hp BMW M5 V10 engine to its complete lack of ABS and traction control and its single-seater speedster layout, the Veritas RS III is perhaps the most potent yet completely pure driving experience available on the street today. But a new report out of England has Veritas planning a Coupe and an all-new fully custom SUV.

The Coupe will feature the same performance as the open-cockpit speedster, though the addition of a hard top necessitated a ground-up redesign.

“The car has been completely redesigned; the only thing the same are the wheels,” said Michael Trick of Vermot AG, maker of the Veritas RS III, speaking with Autocar. “The coupe version will have a sloping rear that runs to the back of the car and it is designed for markets like the Middle East, where they need air conditioning.”

With acceleration providing a claimed 3.0 seconds to 60mph and a top speed of 224mph, it might be nice to have more than a helmet in the way of protection from wind and rain, so Veritas thinks it will be able to sell as many coupes as it does speedsters: 30 of each.

The SUV also revealed by Trick is still in the very earliest stages, but with a completely unique design, custom carbon fiber body and a small aircraft engine powering it, the project is off to a uniquely Veritas start.

The RS III speedster itself is currently making its world debut at London's Salon Prive.