Since the GTbyCitroen supercar crossed the pixel-reality barrier and leapt out of Gran Turismo 5 and onto the street, talk of a limited production run has circulated. Now that talk is taking shape, with an expected production run of just six cars according to the latest reports.

Back in December we brought you the first hints that the French-branded Sony Playstation video game car might see actual sales, but the newest information claims to be based on inside information from Citroen's product chief Vincent Besson, reports Autocar.

The low-slung and futuristic supercar will be priced around £1.1 million ($1.8 million) - about the same as the comparatively common Bugatti Veyron.

Most interestingly, though the high-tech construction and carbon fiber materials of the concept are mostly expected to carry over to the production model, the engine will be sourced from either Ford or GM in V8 format. After all, when you need a 500hp+ crate V8, there's no one better to turn to than the Americans.

Unlike the Americans, however, the V8 powerhouse will likely be linked to a paddle-shift gearbox, but the final technical specs are still being worked out, so until the car sees its likely production-form reveal at this September's Frankfurt Motor Show, it's just speculation.

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