More stringent fuel economy and emissions regulations rolling in across major markets around the globe have all automakers, even ultra luxury marques, rethinking their designs and manufacturing processes in an effort to become greener. Ferrari, Porsche and even Lamborghini have all committed towards a hybrid future so it’s not surprising to see McLaren treading the same path.

McLaren’s newly established ‘McLaren Automotive’ division, the group responsible for the brand’s future road cars and headed by Ron Dennis, is rapidly expanding, with its first model now only a little over a year way. We’ve already seen the company hire lauded supercar designer Frank Stephenson and establish a new Middle Eastern office, and on its official website there are job ads for several key engineering positions.

The ads call for three senior powertrain engineers, one of which must be an expert in hybrid technology. Giving the strongest indication yet that McLaren is planning to introduce a hybrid sports car, the new hybrid engineer will join the existing team based in Woking, UK.

Some of the specific job requirements include experience in the technical assessment, integration and application of appropriate hybrid powertrain technology, experience in low volume – less than 5,000 units per annum - production, and extensive knowledge hybrid powertrain modelling for performance, economy and drivability.

It’s interesting to see that as part of the remuneration package the engineer will be given a company car, but any potential applicants better not be expecting to drive home in a McLaren F1.