Ford is enhancing the capabilities of its vehicles by introducing exclusive new SYNC features that add traffic, directions and information (TDI) in a simple download found on the company’s website. The latest application ties together the advantages of navigation and connectivity technologies and brings in even more options.

Sync TDI can control a customer’s existing mobile phone, includes an integrated GPS receiver to connect customers to real-time turn-by-turn driving directions, traffic reports and business searches, offers extra features and applications such as favorite news, sports and weather, and provides seamless voice-control of all these functions while in the vehicle – at no subscription cost for the first three years of vehicle ownership.

To operate the system, all the driver needs to do is state the voice command “services”. Stating “traffic” will then send a text message to the driver’s phone with information such as location and severity of accidents or new road construction causing areas of heavy congestion. This message is then broadcast over the vehicle’s audio system.

If a user states “directions,” a turn-by-turn route for a desired journey is downloaded and is spoken to the user over the vehicle’s audio system and displayed on the central information display near the radio.

The latest system also enables drivers to personalize and categorize their favorite media topics, such as sports, weather and news using voice commands or through the Sync website.

When available as an option, Sync retails for $395, and includes a GPS receiver new for the 2010 model year.