Residents of Idaho and Wisconsin have claimed the bragging rights as the nation's most knowledgeable drivers when it comes to road rules, following a test conducted by GMAC Insurance dubbed the National Drivers Test. Drivers from these states don't have all that much to cheer about though, considering that the test also found that the number of drivers with basic road rules knowledge was on the decline.

The testing also found that over 20% of American drivers would fail a written driving test if they were to take one today, which amounts to over 40 million people driving around the nation’s roads haphazardly.

While Idaho and Wisconsin were the best drivers, the wooden spoon for the worst state goes to New York, the second year that it has achieved the dubious honor. While the average score on the test for Idaho and Wisconsin was above 80%, New York's drivers could barely manage to get over 70%.

Other statistics revealed that men scored higher on the test than women, and that older drivers were more knowledgeable than younger drivers. In fact, young adults aged 18-24 managed to garner the most failures, proving that with age comes wisdom.

Below is list of how each state ranked:
1 ID
1 WI
3 MT
4 KS
5 SD
5 NE
7 UT
8 WY
8 IA
8 OR
8 MN
12 AK
12 ND
14 VT
15 CO
15 MO
17 OK
17 WA
19 NM
20 NC
21 VA
22 IN
22 MI
24 AR
24 TX
26 AL
28 WV
29 IL
30 AZ
31 ME
32 DE
33 NH
34 OH
35 KY
36 PA
37 LA
38 TN
38 MS
40 SC
40 MD
42 CT
43 FL
44 DC
45 MA
46 RI
47 GA
48 CA
49 HI
50 NJ
51 NY
Via: The College Driver