The brand-new E-Class Coupe may be based on the old C-Class's underpinnings, but it's styled like the new car and is priced aggressively, making it a perfect car to buy and then build on. And that's exactly what Brabus has done.

The primary upgrade to the standard E550 Coupe is the addition of a 6.1L V8 engine rated at 456hp (340kW) and 453lb-ft (615Nm) of torque, which comes on at just 3,100rpm. That's good for a 4.7-second 0-62mph (100km/h) run and a top speed of 196mph (315km/h).

Getting that big-bore V8 into the little Coupe will cost you though - €29,000 or about $39,701. That's fully 70% of the base E550 Coupe's retail price, but speed is frequently measured in cubic dollars. And with custom-machined heads, custom camshafts and a billet crankshaft, it's hard to argue you're not getting your money's worth.

Those with a taste for more sedate performance, an eye for efficiency and a home in Europe might prefer a four-pot diesel model based on the E250 CDI. Brabus tunes that little oil burner up from 201hp (150kW) to 232hp (173kW) with 413lb-ft (560Nm) of torque. A V6 E350 CDI kit adds some more bang to the diesel-drive offerings, with an upgrade kit pushing power to 268hp (200kW) and torque to 435lb-ft (590Nm).

Any of the E Coupes can be fitted with a Brabus body kit that includes new aluminum front quarter panels with clear-coated carbon fiber inserts. New rocker panels house LED entrance lights, while the rear apron features a custom layout with cutouts for the quad-pipe Brabus custom exhaust.

At each corner is a Brabus Monoblock alloy wheel, available in single-piece or multi-piece and in a range of sizes from 17in to 20in. Pirelli and Yokohama supply sticky tires to help get the most out of a custom suspension system and to harness the stopping power of the six-piston 14.2in (360mm) brakes.

Inside, the car gets a fully custom treatment, with the customer free to spec it out as they please. Some of the options include a replacement steering wheel, Alcantara and Mastik leather upholstery and stainless steel accents.

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