Chronicling MG's path through the last decade is tough enough, and delving further back borders on the arcane, but under SAIC's ownership, the line of British-built roadsters has been brought back to life, starting with the currently-available TF LE-500, and soon to be joined by an updated version of the TF 135.

Those familiar with MG's UK operations will remember the TF 135 model name, and the vast majority of the car itself, from 2005, when MG was still MG Rover, before it was bought out by the Chinese. The car rejoining the British market is largely the same - it looks essentially identical - and will feature a 1.8L 16-valve K-series engine rated at 135hp (100kW).

Another car, an 85th anniversary edition, will also be joining the TF lineup soon, getting an upgraded suspension treatment with Bilstein shocks, shorter springs, new anti-torsion elements and upgraded anti-roll bars.

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