We've already seen the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Sedan make its debut at the recent New York Auto Show, as well as the new E-Class Coupe at last month’s Geneva event, but it appears that unfortunately these two desirable models will not be converging into an E63 AMG Coupe - for now anyway.

The news comes from a Mercedes spokesman, who confirmed to Edmunds that the luxury carmaker has "no immediate plans to offer an AMG version" of the new E-Class Coupe. This means that Mercedes will sell the 2010 E550 (E500) Coupe as the flagship E-Class model, rather than an AMG variation.

The E550 will be using a 5.5L petrol V8 churning out 382hp (285kW) and 390lb-ft (530Nm) of torque - not unimpressive, but still a far cry from the hand-built 6.2L AMG V8 engine used in the E63 AMG Sedan. In the Sedan, the AMG V8 makes up to 518hp (386kW) and 465lb-ft (630Nm), and all that thrust is funneled through a newly developed seven-speed MCT dual-clutch transmission. This is sees the E63 Sedan accelerate from a standstill to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds - a figure that could likely be improved upon if ever seen in coupe form.

While the news doesn't fare well for those looking for a Mercedes-branded alternative to the BMW M3 and upcoming Audi RS5, anonymous sources are claiming that the decision not to sell a AMG E-Class Coupe is not fixed, and that if demand exists for the car then it will come eventually.

Whether or not there is any substance in these claims remains to be seen, but for the time being potential Mercedes customers will have to be content with the E550 kitted out with an optional AMG Sports package (which consists of an aero body kit, AMG alloy wheels, upgrade tires, sports suspension and improved brakes) as the closest they will get to outdoing the M3 in the carpark of the golf club.