Chrysler on Wednesday unveiled a brand new V6 engine called Pentastar that the carmaker plans to launch in its redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee due next year and eventually most of its lineup. This new engine is very important for Chrysler as it has already absorbed billions of dollars in development costs and is earmarked to replace seven different V6 engines in the carmaker’s current lineup.

There’s more to it than just that as any alliance between Chrysler and Fiat will see the engine used in some of the Italian carmaker’s models, such as those from Alfa Romeo. Some Alfa Romeo models likely to receive the new V6 include the replacements for the 159 and 167 sedans, as well as sportier models like the Brera Coupe.

In return, Chrysler will be given access to Fiat’s 1.4 and 1.8L four-cylinder direct-injection petrol engines. Fiat’s diesel engines would likely be out of bounds for now due to the relatively high-expense of getting the engines to meet stricter U.S. emissions standards.

In its base form, the new Pentastar displaces 3.6L and outputs 280hp (209kW) and 260lb-ft (353Nm) of torque, however, the engine is expected to be upgraded overtime with direct-injection and forced-induction technologies as well as cylinder deactivation. The engine has also been designed to be fully flex-fuel capable, offering consumers the choice of gasoline or E85 fuel without any degradation in performance or emissions.