Late last year we reported about Aston Martin's primary stakeholder Investment Dar and the Kuwaiti firm’s plans to sell its stake in the British carmaker. Now, Aston Martin chief Dr. Ulrich Bez is claiming Investment Dar Company is planning to keep its stake and has revealed that the carmaker is seeking new investors to fund growth during the economic downturn.

While Aston Martin is partially owned by Investment Dar, speaking with Automotive News, Bez explained that there was "a global interest in Aston Martin which is not limited to the Middle East." He went on to explain that the Middle East, however, still represents the biggest market for future models.

A deal for financing is expected to come through within the next three to six months, which couldn't be sooner for Aston Martin as it struggles to keep pace with the shifting market for luxury cars. Recently, the company had to cut down on production to cope with the slowing demand but Bez is confident in the company's future, revealing Aston Martin will be profitable this year.

The funds are badly needed to support the launch of several new models such as the upcoming One-77 supercar, as well as the more immediate Rapide sedan and Vantage V12. Aston Martin is also keep to take advantage of the relative stability of the Middle Eastern market, as well as expand further into new markets such as China and Russia.