Californian tuner Vorsteiner has just announced the firm’s latest aerodynamic kit for the BMW M3 Sedan. Like its earlier work with Porsche and Mercedes Benz models, Vorsteiner’s new aerodynamic accessories are all made from lightweight dry carbon-fiber to keep weight to a minimum while improving strength.

The package includes a front spoiler made from carbon-fiber, which helps to increase downforce at speed, as well as making the M3 sedan look a little more aggressive. At the rear, a dry carbon-fiber diffuser can be found with integrated fins. Finally, the boot lid is also replaced with a carbon-fiber Vorsteiner piece that integrates a small bootlid spoiler into the design. This also helps increase downforce, and is also lighter than the standard unit.

Other parts for the M3 sedan from Vorsteiner include hood vents that increase the airflow to the engine bay, as well as a custom front spoiler. Prices for all the accessories haven't been released, but they won't come cheap considering the materials used in their production.

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