The American car industry as a whole may be under fire for its current situation, but there's always a bright side. Like Arkansans are fond of saying, "thank God for Mississippi" when it comes to state-by-state rankings, Detroit no doubt finds similar relief in the misadventures of Chinese carmakers like Chery.

Today the quickly-growing company launched two new sub-brands for its Chinese-market customers. One, targeted at high-end luxury customers, is called 'Riich', and the other - Rely - builds suitably stolid cars for business use.

The first of the newly-branded cars is the Riich G6 (pictured), a sedan powered by a series of in-house engines, including a 167hp (125kW) 2.0L turbo four and a 191hp (143kW) 3.0L V6. A decent set of features, including full airbags, rear-view camera, tire-pressure monitoring, electric seats and mirrors, LED taillights, Bi-Xenon headlights, and more, promise to help push the car up to fight with the Buicks of the Chinese market.

But it's not the first venture into functional naming by Chery: their commercial cargo vehicle line is called Karry. It makes you wonder what Chery is supposed to mean in the sort of ideographic pseudo-English that's the apparent source of their brand titles.

On the other hand, with their success, maybe the U.S. carmakers can take some hints from Chery and save their ailing brands with a simple renaming strategy - like changing Hummer to 'Overcompensation'.