You may recall in November of last year the biggest Lamborghini dealership in the world, the prestigious Lamborghini Orange County, suddenly shut its doors without any reason apart from speculation that the owner was involved in several unsuccessful side-ventures. It appears there was a great deal of truth in that original speculation as the owner, Viken Keuylian, was formerly charged in March of this year because of a scam involving falsified sales reports and unrelated business debts.

Keuylian was accused of selling cars and then failing to report the sale. Instead of paying back creditors for the original loans for the cars, in this case Volkswagen Credit Inc., Keuylian allegedly used the money, estimated to be in excess of $12 million, to pay off his own personal debts.

The crooked dealer has now pleaded guilty but only to a charge of wiring $122,660 from Volkswagen Credit Inc.’s JP Morgan account in Dearborn, Michigan, to Well Fargo Bank in Santa Ana to purchase a 2006 Bentley Continental, according to court documents.

According to his criminal plea agreement, Keuylian also sold about 5% of all the Lamborghinis in the world last year, including 54 vehicles during a two-week discounting spree in October of last year as he struggled to pay off debts for a vineyard, a show room on Coast Highway in Newport Beach and other debts. It was reported that one lucky buyer managed to drive away with a Murcielago for just $60,430.

Keuylian’s sentencing will take place on September 28 and according to Keulyian’s plea agreement he could face up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine, reports the Associated Press.

The Orange County dealership was very important to Lamborghini. It has serviced untold numbers of stars over the years, including the likes of Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman, while many more, including Elton John, Sharon Stone, Eric Roberts and Luke Perry, have all made special appearances there.