On last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Jay Leno announced his plan for stimulating America with what he does best – telling jokes. Leno will make an appearance in Detroit early next month to perform his standup act and hopefully cheer up many of the employees (both current and former) from the embattled automotive industry, and anyone else discouraged by the global financial crunch.

With a title like ‘Comedy Stimulus Plan’ and Leno’s habit of paying out the president, you can expect plenty of jokes directed at president Obama and his auto industry task force. We bet there will be an equal amount of comedic flak dished out to the CEOs of the Detroit carmakers as well.

The show will be hosted at the Palace of Auburn Hills basketball court, which was donated for the night by the Detroit Pistons NBA team. Tickets will be available from March 16 at the Palace at Auburn Hills Box Office and everything will be complete free of charge, including the parking.