Just because you can buy a Charger SRT8 for under $35,000 after incentives and rebates doesn't mean Chrysler is liquidating its SRT cars to get rid of the brand. In fact, Chrysler has said specifically that its high-performance division is safe from the current budgetary cutbacks.

Unlike General Motors' now-canceled High Performance Vehicle Operations, Chrysler's SRT is "sticking around", said VP of global planning Steve Bartoli in a chat posted to the Red Letter Dodge blog.

The Charger, Challenger and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 versions are all still alive despite the company going so far to save money as to get rid of its clocks to save the money spent adjusting them twice a year.

In fact, an all-new SRT model based around a sedan is in the works, though exactly which car it'll be based around isn't yet clear. One obvious candidate is the re-worked 300 sedan leaked in the company's viability presentation.