Cash-strapped Mitsubishi won’t be updating its high-performance Lancer Evolution X for the 2009 model year for the U.S. market, with inventory levels for the 2008 model sufficient enough to last the whole year.

The Evo X has been runaway success for Mitsubishi, with sales up 50.9% for 2008. Speaking with KickingTires, Mitsubishi spokesperson Christine Jew said there are no changes planned for 2009 and that current inventories will last until the arrival for a 2010 model later this year. Jew also confirmed that a few minor changes will be implemented for the 2010 model.

Mitsubishi hasn’t revealed exact numbers on its Evo X sales but with prices ranging from between $30,000 and $40,000 the cars are starting to look less attractive as the market continues to slump.

Mitsubishi recently introduced a new range of updates for its Japanese-spec Evo X and although the changes were limited to the Japanese market they could preview some planned revisions for the North American models as well.

Among the list of updates were a more powerful engine, a new ‘GSR-Premium’ range-topper, and revised bodykit.