In the performance-per-dollar race, the Chevrolet Corvette is still one of the leaders, despite encroachment by Nissan's GT-R and others. For 2009, Corvette is planning a new 'Competition Sport' package for Z51 and Z06 models that focuses on adding a bit more capability without unduly compromising daily comfort. Today the National Corvette Museum will raffle off the first example - a 'blade silver' car with black stripes like the one pictured above.

The raffle is limited to 500 tickets, so chances of winning are very good - but it'll cost you $425 per ticket. You'll also need to be quick if you want to get in on it - the car will be given away at 2pm Central time today, Thursday April 30th. “We are excited to have the first produced representing this extraordinary Corvette model to use as a fundraiser,” states National Corvette Museum Executive Director, Wendell Strode.

“We appreciate the allocation from our friends at GM allowing us the chance to purchase this car for use as a fundraiser, and look forward to meeting the winner when they take delivery at the Museum. We hope that by continuing to offer these raffles to benefit the Museum, we are also giving someone an opportunity to become a Corvette owner that might not have had the opportunity.”

The Competition Sport upgrade package costs $3,350 on Z51 models and about $2,725 for the Z06s so equipped, according to sources at Jalopnik. Those figures bring the total price of the Competition Sport Z51 to $55,655 and the CS Z06 to $77,500. Whether that's a fair price for what primarily amounts to an appearance package will be decided by the market. Only about 600 of the cars will be built.

The big 6.2L and 7.0L LS3 and LS7 engines at the heart of the eligible Corvettes already create an abundance of power, so instead of going that route, Corvette decided to further tune the suspension and stopping power of the Competition Sport cars. The 1LT Coupe does get a slight 6hp (4kW) bump in power, however, thanks to a slightly less restrictive exhaust.

For the 1LT Coupes, the Z51 performance package is included, meaning bigger brakes, stiffer springs, reworked dampers, a new differential cooler for the limited-slip diff and a different axle ratio combine to improve track-day responsiveness and capability without taking the car to the extremes of the Z06 or ZR-1. The upgrade to the Z06 equipped with the Competition Sport package are purely cosmetic, however.

A unique engine cover, racing pedals, a set of custom race numbers, custom wheels, ebony/titanium interior scheme and exterior graphics complete the package, promising as much race-day appearance as performance.Corvette Competition Sport package

corvette competition sport package 001

corvette competition sport package 001