Late yesterday Ford revealed its latest-generation SYNC in-car connectivity system, which for 2009 is updated with a new personalized Traffic, Directions and Information system. The new services will be available on nearly all 2010 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models, however, their availability will be limited to the North American market.

Today, at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas, Ford announced that SYNC will go global in 2010. It will first be launched in Europe and then it should migrate to the Asia Pacific and Australian markets.

To deliver the service, Ford will be working closely with a number of technology companies, including Microsoft, INRIX, TeleNav, Tellme, M/A-COM and Airbiquity. One of the key benefits of Ford’s SYNC is that it is built around an open system that accepts hardware, software products and applications. Ford has no interest in developing its own proprietary system.

In addition, the SYNC system is upgradeable. Customers can add new features and applications by using simple download features. Plus, all the new features come without a monthly service fee for three years.

Ford also used the Las Vegas event to offer a glimpse into the future with a preview demonstration of its next-generation SYNC system. The technology is still in development but a video preview shows a few of the elements we will soon be able to access in Ford cars. These include configurable controls and the use of an electronic personal assistant, or “avatar,” named Eva.

Ford previews next-generation SYNC