Rumors, reports and even the odd video of its slick dual-clutch AWD gearbox grenading itself into oblivion have plagued the Nissan GT-R since shortly after its release into the wild. A short while later we learned that using the undocumented AWD launch control feature could void the relevant sections powertrain warranty, Nissan followed that up with a decision to strip the troublesome feature from 2010 models.

Now a team of Aussie engineers from Pfitzner's Performance Gearboxes (PPG) are working to become the first to offer a more durable upgrade alternative for those that insist on relentlessly hammering their trannies at the strip.

So far little is known about the mechanics underlying the upgrade, but it's being built for Samurai Speed and Titan Motorsports who are cooperating on a 600hp+ (447kW+) engine. Whatever can stand up to repeated AWD launches at that power level on a 3,800lb (1,727kg) car will no doubt be able to withstand the thrashing stock versions are likely to see on the street or the local drag strip.

Pricing and a date for availability are still unknown as the new gearbox is a work in progress, but from the look of the new first gear cogs (on the left in the photo) there will be plenty of metal beefing-up of the perceived weak spots. Another small change from stock appears to be a slightly shallower angle of engagement. That will allow more power to be transmitted more readily, but will also likely result in more gear noise as well.

The apparent weak spot in the stock transmission, according to PPG, is the teeth on the first gear cog, which develop tiny fractures that eventually fail under repeated stressful launches. For those that won't be able to afford the likely expensive upgrade, but still want to win those prestigious stop-light races, there will be some comfort in knowing the car can still nearly equal a Corvette ZR-1 in the 0-60mph (96km/h) dash without launch control.
Via: GT-R Blog