• Gear Shift

    If you're going to steal a car, don't be stupid. Not that we recommend stealing cars, naturally. But it might be a good idea to make sure you know how to drive the the car you're planning to steal. That's the lesson presumably learned on Tuesday night by three men, one of them said to be carrying a knife, who allegedly rushed a food-delivery man as he dropped off an order in Springfield, Massachusetts. The story was reported by The Republican newspaper of Springfield. According to an aide to the local Police Commissioner, the trio ordered the man out of his car and demanded that he hand over...

  • 2011 Hyundai Equus
    Can You Count To Ten? Hyundai's Next Automatic Gearbox Can

    If anything is going to make you feel old it's remembering you grew up with four-, or even three-speed gearboxes. In the 1980s a trend for five-speed manual transmissions started to develop and automatics followed close behind, and from the late 1990s and early 2000s manual and automatic 'boxes...

  • fisker karma sunset convertible 002
    New Gearbox Will Allow Future Fiskers To Offer Veyron-Like Performance

    A multi-speed gearbox in Fisker's electric cars would allow greater acceleration and an increased top speed.

  • 2012 Ford Focus Five-Door
    2012 Ford Focus Has 'Torque Hole Filling' Auto Trans Tech

    Changing gear is a necessary evil. Of course, for driving enthusiasts it can be a challenge and a pleasure, and in cars with automatic transmissions you can sit back and let the car do the work for you, but the downside with the shifting process is always the momentary pause in progress...

  • Bentley gearknob
    Bentley To Adopt Audi S tronic Dual Clutch Transmission

    We already know that Bentley and Audi will share a newly developed 4.0-liter V-8 engine that will debut towards the end of the year in the recently facelifted 2011 Bentley Continental GT and eventually appear in some performance models from Audi. But what we didn’t know is that the S tronic...

  • Honda dual-clutch gearbox
    Honda Develops Dual-Clutch Gearbox, But There’s A Catch

    The dual-clutch gearbox will first appear on a large-displacement sport bike in Europe and North America next year.

  • ZF 8-speed automatic

    BMW will soon be offering a new eight-speed automatic transmission developed by ZF that is set to appear first in the 7-series flagship saloon. The new transmission is said to be both more fuel-efficient and cheaper to manufacture than the current six-speed unit, and its performance is also claimed to be comparable with the more advanced seven-speed dual-clutch unit launched last year in the M3. Speaking with Automotive News, BMW development chief Klaus Draeger said the luxury carmaker plans to focus on automatic transmissions instead of dual-clutch units for its high-volume models...

  • Blitz GT-R with manual gearbox and RWD
    Blitz unveils rear-wheel-drive GT-R with manual gearbox

    The highlight of this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon will undoubtedly be Nissan’s brand new SpecV GT-R, but as expected Japan’s big name tuners have not stood idly by and let Nissan take all the spotlight. We’ve already seen custom GT-Rs from the likes of Zele International and...

  • PPG's upgraded first gear set
    Australian firm working on beefed-up Nissan GT-R gearbox

    Rumors, reports and even the odd video of its slick dual-clutch AWD gearbox grenading itself into oblivion have plagued the Nissan GT-R since shortly after its release into the wild. A short while later we learned that using the undocumented AWD launch control feature could void the relevant...

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