The fledgling electric car company that is Tesla Motors has had a great deal of success and a great deal of turbulence at the top of its executive hierarchy. The famously bitter separation of Martin Eberhard from the company was an involuntary arrangement, but Siry has chosen his path away from Tesla of his own accord, and says it's the best thing for the company as well as for himself.

His primary duty of late has been to manage the transition to a new leader of the Sales, Marketing & Service department that Siry previously headed up. Despite his departure, Siry says on his personal blog that "Tesla is an extraordinary company with extraordinary potential." With such a bright future, why did Siry decide to leave?

The specifics of the disagreement over strategy were not made clear in his relation of the matter, but given his expertise in sales and marketing, speculation could lead one to think it might be related to future models and what's appropriate for the Tesla image.

Siry has no immediate plans, but with his resume and experience, he is confident he will find another interesting opportunity soon.