Ferrari has launched a dedicated website for its California convertible, with a number of interesting features to keep potential customers and the curious interested in the car. Organizing the website into three distinct categories of 'Hear', 'See' and 'Feel', the sections feature videos, pictures and, of course, information about the new baby Ferrari.

One of the more distinct features of the site, however, is a 'configurator' that allows users of the website to configure their very own Ferrari California in a number of exterior colors, interior trims and wheels.

The configurator allows users to see their virtual car with the top up or down, and test-drive a number of different color schemes to see which one suits them best. There are three categories of colors to choose from, including metallic colors, non-metallic colors and classic colors. After choosing an exterior paint scheme, users can then view different leather trim options for the interior and combine it with one of three different alloy wheel styles.

Almost 5,000 different combinations can be had thanks to the choice of 27 exterior colors, 12 interior trim colors, three sets of wheels and five brake caliper colors.

While the configurator part of the website is in the 'Feel' section, other sections such as 'Hear' feature a number of different Ferrari California sounds, such as the operatic engine startup and the blipped downshifts as it takes on a circuit, while the 'See' section features a video of a virtual test-drive in the world of Gran Turismo 4. To configure your own California, just head over to the site by clicking here.