British company Amosu Luxury has revealed another diamond encrusted key fob, this time for Lamborghini vehicles. Previously the company released a diamond encrusted key fob for Bentley, however this time the use of diamonds is even more extravagant. While the Bentley fob featured a total of 101 diamonds, adding up to around 1.09 carats, the Lamborghini key fob ups the ante with 183 diamonds adding up to a substantial 2.02 carats.

Another change is that the Bentley key fob featured the diamonds inlaid on the wings of the famous Bentley Flying 'B', accentuating the brand logo, but in this case the diamonds completely obscure the fighting bull symbol of Lamborghini.

The cost of hiring Amosu to customize the key will set you back around £7,000 ($10,500). If you don't happen to have a Lamborghini or Bentley parked in your garage you could pick up one of the diamond key fobs that Amosu offers for Mercedes Benz or Ferrari models.

Amosu Luxury is the brainchild of Alexander Amosu, who is famous in the UK for a line of R&B ringtones that catapulted him to fortune, and his subsequent entrepreneurial ventures, including items such as luxury phones, which has seen his list of clients include the likes of American rapper 50 Cent and numerous footballers and actors.