Nokia’s luxurious Vertu series of mobile phones has added another three units to its range of Ascent high-end mobile phones, all themed around a Ferrari supercar. Previously, Nokia released a Vertu range designed to celebrate the classic race tracks of the world by featuring a small map of an individual track on the phone’s outer casing.

This time the phone's inspiration comes from modern Ferrari's, and only the Vertu Ascent ‘Ti’ model will be given the custom treatment. The Ferrari Ascent Ti range will be available in three colours, Nero (Black), Rosso (Red) and Giallo (Yellow), the three colors that usually adorn Ferrari models.

As with all Vertu's a number of high-quality materials are used, including titanium for the exterior of the phone and sapphire for the mobile screen. According to Vertu, the battery cover at the rear has been altered from the standard Ascent Ti to more closely resemble the hood of a Ferrari model. In a side by side comparison of the two, a small bonnet bulge can be seen on the Ferrari themed phone, which is also accompanied by a 3D prancing horse emblem.

Additionally, the leather upper of the phone no longer bears the Vertu logo, but rather the letters spelling Ferrari in the company's unique typeface. Other Ferrari themed features include Ferrari engine sounds for the ringtones, and Ferrari themed wallpapers.

While the standard Ascent Ti model will set you back around $6,600, Vertu also sell a version of the phone that lists at close to $300,000. Expect the limited-edition Ferrari themed Ascent Ti to command a hefty premium over the standard $6,600 model.

Early last year, rival brand Motorola released its own series of Ferrari-inspired phones, which you can read about by clicking here.