Carmakers are usually cautious when it comes to discounting their performance flagships and halo models, but a new report claims Chrysler has finally made its Dodge Viper supercar eligible for its employee discount program.

According to the company’s employee advantage website, both the Viper Coupe and Convertible models are eligible but the ultra-performance ACR track package is excluded.

While there is no public data on how big a discount Chrysler’s employees actually receive, Automobile Magazine reports that employee pricing typically shaves approximately 7-9% off a car's sticker price. This means that Chrysler employees should be able to save between $6,100 and $9,000 on a Viper SRT-10, which is listed at $88,385. Of course, they still have to add in a $2,300 gas guzzler tax and destination charges.

Note that this is not an ‘employee pricing for all’ marketing promotion that allows Joe Public to pay the discounted price. It is only for actual Chrysler employees and retirees, plus their families.