With the likes of Aston Martin and Porsche set to release sporty four-door coupe models and even Lamborghini planning to join the fray with the unveiling of a new saloon concept at next week’s Paris Motor Show, it didn’t take long for budding designers to create their own personal vision of what a Ferrari four-door could look like.

The latest concept study is the creation of young Russian designer Krasnov Igor, who set out to create a design that was simple, fast, aerodynamic and beautiful, while at the same time attempted to integrate styling cues from Ferraris of the past.

The design has a flat rear deck area and a chiselled appearance, adopting a sort of cab-forward interpretation that hints at a front-engine layout. An egg-grate grille and front intakes as well as the elevated center portion of the car's front end are distinct features, as are the odd semi-rectangular headlights. No powertrain specifications have been given.

Whether or not Ferrari actually builds a four-door model remains to be seen, but with its closest rival Lamborghini well on its way to building a saloon there’s no knowing what Ferrari has planned.
Via: Car Design