It appears the MINI wasn’t Audi’s only pint-sized target.

Rumors are circulating that Audi plans to build a smaller roadster version of its iconic TT in a partnership with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM.

Initial plans were for KTM to work with Volkswagen rather than Audi, but this might have caused conflict with the recently axed GX3 concept. Instead, plans were shifted to Audi. How this will affect plans for VW’s EcoRacer? Only time will tell.

Expected to make use of the Volkswagen Group’s most recent TSI turbo and supercharging technology, performance will not be at the detriment of economy.

With an ethos similar to that of the Lotus Elise, “performance through low weight,” the car will take advantage of sophisticated manufacturing techniques and motor racing technology. Utilizing carbon fiber for the chassis, the roadster is expected to weigh about 1,600 lbs and average roughly 50 mpg. 0 to 60 mph is expected to be less than 6 seconds.