Bowing to public demand, Bugatti is planning to build a targa version of the Veyron for the princely sum of $1.9 million. Sadly, for those with ambitions of feeling the wind through their hair at over 250 mph, the car’s speed is to be electronically limited to 217 mph because of safety concerns.

Unlike the popular Porsche targa, the Veyron version will have a detachable glass roof that has to be stored away from the car before driving. In case the weather does become nasty while out with no roof, the car will come equipped with a fabric cover that can be pulled into place.

Without the roof the car will require added reinforcements and underbody changes to maintain torsional rigidity. To ensure that the targa version, with its extra weight has the same acceleration figures that the coupe has, the car will have a carbon hood and doors to reduce weight. Expect it to be launched sometime in 2008.

In related news, rumor has it that Bugatti is planning to release a higher performing Veyron with a top speed that is expected to be around the 270 mph mark, to reach this insane figure, power will need to be increased to 1,232 bhp (919 kW).


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