A new GPS based data logger has been released and promisess to bring big-budget statistics tracking to your average drifting enthusiast. The device is equipped with a multitude of sensors that give feedback on important drift vitals such as slip angle, velocity and grip levels all measured in g. The DriftBox owner’s manual even comes with several instructions on how to improve your drifting technique with lessons for “clutch kick” and the “Scandinavian flick.”

Before you pass this as just another toy consider this, accuracy levels for the $750 DriftBox was equal to a $10,000 VBOX as used by the guys over at Car and Driver magazine. Other features the DriftBox handles include measuring straight-line & lateral acceleration, speed, lap times and it even gives you a score out of 10 depending on your performance. At the end of the day, when you’ve burnt enough rubber, all the data is saved on a SD card that can be plugged into your computer for further analysis.

[Source: Car and Driver]

Click here to see an example screenshot of the Driftbox software package.