Despite rising fuel prices, Autocar magazine is predicting that over the next decade the cost of road tolls and congestion charges will be the major cost for motorists. Regions like the UK charge motorists special tolls for driving through congested areas, and it's expected that in the next decade motorists will have to pay up to £25 just to drive through busy parts of London.

Using the running costs of a Ford Focus driving an average of 15,000 miles per, Autocar expects that motorists would be spending up to £1000 per year just on road tolls by 2015 and for 30,000 miles expect to pay close to £3000 a year on tolls.

Some of the new charges that are on the way include higher car taxes and registration costs, increased motorway tolls, more regions with congestion charges and green tax based on your car’s emission levels.

[Source: Autocar Magazine]