Subaru’s risky gamble with the bold propeller face for its popular Impreza has failed to attract buyers. The heavily criticized model facelift has been slammed by both media and consumers alike and won’t make its way to the upcoming Liberty and Outback models, to be released in Australia later this year.

A spokesperson for Subaru confirmed that the brand face had been dropped. This isn’t the first time Subaru has had design issues. You may remember their previous generation Impreza, which was nicknamed bug-eye because of the large eye-shaped headlights.

Recently, Subaru’s head of design, Andreas Zapatinas, resigned from the post, though some reports claim he was fired.

Subaru has always tried to be a Japanese brand that reflected quality, but its designs haven’t hit the mark. We think they need to move slightly up-market with their design themes and create sleeker, more elegant looking vehicles.