Presented as a concept a few years ago, no one really thought that the Tomahawk would get manufactured, but that's what Chrysler is reportedly doing. After all, a 500 horsepower motorbike? Surely that was a bit far-fetched? But with the greenlight given, it seems that the hyper Tomahawk will be here soon, and we're glad that this outrageous monstrosity will make the Ducatis and Hyabusas look like giggling schoolgirls.

Where most manufacturers are satisfied with a superbike engine that usually spits out 100-200 horsepower, it seems that DaimlerChrysler decided that there was some more grunt needed in the superbike world – after all, 0-60mph in 3 seconds is just sluggish, really. Hence the Chrysler Tomahawk was born. A motorbike with all the wrong numbers – 4 wheels, 500 horsepower, a roaring V10, and a price tag of US $250,000.

The other big figure is the theoretical top speed of 400 miles per hour. The Tomahawk hits 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, the same speed as a Bugatti Veyron, and looks like no other bike out there. With its futuristic looks and ballistic speed it seems that the production of the Tomahawk will have a niche market rejoicing – we’re just unsure of who these people are that need a V10 motorbike. While there has been a video released, it doesn’t show the Tomahawk taking any corners – a worrying sign considering how heavy the engine must be. Still, the Tomahawk looks to be a feat of engineering and something that we’re glad DaimlerChrysler took the chance to manufacture.


[Source: Edmunds]