The recent near-death accident by Top Gear host Richard Hammond will only add to the arsenal of the pedantic safety hat brigade, who want the show cancelled because of the emphasis it places on speed. Hammond, who was injured while attempting to achieve a land speed record, has reportedly begged the BBC to air the actual crash footage. 36 year old Hammond also wishes to record programs for the show live from his hospital bed but this has been refused by BBC management.

The 280mph crash in the jet powered dragster had left Hammond with serious brain injuries, although the presenter is said to be making a full recovery. Friends have stated that he’s furious that the BBC has postponed the next series, which is likely to lead to the show’s demise. Hammond feels that his accident may have lead to the show’s downfall and wants to do anything to prevent this from happening.

Plans by the BBC to tone down the show’s fast and zany stunts has caused producer Andy Wilman to threaten a resignation. According to co-host Jeremy Clarkson, there are scores of bureaucratic nit-pickers down at the scene of the crash trying to find anything that could lead to the cancellation of the show.