Alfa will present a production version of its stunning 8C Competizione at the Paris Motor Show and will provide a full run down of all the interesting details. The car will be produced at the Maserati factory in Modena while possible buyers will be evaluated by Alfa's special team of marketers set up for the launch of the 8C. Actual customers will be provided with an exclusive maintenance service to look after the cars when deliveries start in autumn.

Alfa has to get it right, especially in the US where the brand is being re-launched sometime in 2008/09. 50 8Cs have been earmarked for the US where it will be sold through Maserati dealerships.

Power is courtesy of a 4.7L 90 degree V8, which will deliver 450hp at 7000rpm and peak torque of 470Nm at 4750rpm. The star of the 8C will be the thrilling exhaust note, which is enhanced by the permeable intake system and an exhaust system and electronically controlled valves. Follow the jump to read about Alfa's glorious past, which helped shape the design of the 8C.

[Source: italiaspeed]