SEAT is displaying a prototype vehicle at the Intelligent Transportation Systems show that’s currently running in London. The vehicle, which is based on the SEAT León, will showcase the latest breakthroughs in driver and vehicle interaction. In development for over two years in partnership with the European Union, the new system has been designed to increase driving safety by communicating conditions involving the car.

Some examples include when a driver takes their eyes off the road and the vehicle senses danger, a warning light and alarm will activate. Other situations aren't as clever, and actually would be rather annoying, such as when driver receives a phone call whilst in a roundabout. The system will put the call on hold until the manoeuvre is complete.

The mechanisms involved use sensors that measure the driver’s eye movements, radar to detect objects, plus GPS and a specific communication network to round out the list. To control the innovative system, SEAT has built several wheel-mounted controls to manage most of the menus or via voice activation.