Steve Fossett, adventurer and tycoon, has made the announcement that his next big challenge will be to break the world land-speed record. In an interview with the Denver Press Club, during the promo of his new autobiography, Fossett claimed that he’ll achieve his goal by reaching 1287km/h (800mph) in a jet vehicle on one of Nevada’s dry lake beds mid next year.

Fossett, who made his fortune in American financial markets, is best known for his five world record non-stop circumnavigations of the Earth and has notched up 116 records in five different fields under his belt, 76 of which still stand today. The current land-speed record stands at 1228km/h, which is held by the UK’s Andy Green.

Fossett will be driving a 47-foot-long, dart-shaped car that weighs 9,000 pounds and is powered by a 45,600hp (34,000kW) jet engine. His first attempt will be in July of next year.