Top Gear host Richard Hammond has given his first interview since his near-fatal crash, giving some important insights onto how close he came to death and what was going though his mind. Some memorable comments from the interview included Hammond stating, "I was upside down inhaling a field. My nose and eyes were full of earth. I'd gone ploughing on my head,” and "my very last thought was Oh bugger, that's gone wrong. Well, we're checking out now. You've had it.”

Hammond believed he was a goner. His last thought before blacking out was "we'll wave the flag.” Doctors measure severity using a points system with fifteen being normal and three a flat line – Hammond was a three. The situation was made worse, in true Top Gear fashion, with the use of afterburners on the jet powered car. According to Hammond, "it's an amazing amount of power. All I wanted to do was get to the point where I could drive it with the afterburners on, which I did. Apparently there was a load of stuff in the papers about us breaking a land speed record.

Strangely, his biggest disappointment is that he walked away unscathed, finishing "Do you realize how annoyed I am that I've got no marks on me? Absolutely nothing at all, nothing for the pub.” Click here to read the full article from the UK’s edition of The Mirror.