The most stolen car in Germany is the Porsche Cayenne, followed closely by another SUV, BMW’s 3.0L X5. That was the finding from a recent report from Germany’s ADAC Automobile Association. The report also concluded that the number of car thefts in Germany for the past year has also been the lowest on record, down 17.1 per cent compared to the previous year at 23,771 cars.

The installation of more sophisticated anti-theft tracking devices in mainstream vehicles, including engine immobilizers and factory alarm systems, has seen the number of car thefts fall from the highs of around 100,000 thefts in the mid 1990’s to this year’s record low. Further, there has been a crackdown on organized crime syndicates that smuggled thousands of vehicles to numerous eastern European countries plus the introduction of stricter border controls between these nations, which has also led to the decline in vehicle thefts across the EU.