There’s no end to the wacky designs that are being displayed at SEMA this year, and the Alé high-mileage car from Fuel Vapor Technologies (FVT) is probably the strangest one this side of Jay Leno’s EcoJet. Created by inventor George Parker, the Alé concept has been in development for almost 15 years and is the first entry that we’ve seen for the Automotive X-Prize competition.

The goal of the Automotive X-Prize is to produce a commercially viable 100mpg car, meaning that contestants must build an ultra fuel-efficient vehicle and then start selling them. The final prize hasn’t been determined but early estimates put it at close to $25 million.

Considering that the Alé manages a claimed 92mpg and can reach 60mph from rest in less than 5 seconds and pass the quarter mile in 12.9, FVT has a strong challenger in this bright orange three-wheeler. The Alé’s efficiency comes from its patent-pending fuel vapor system that enables the car to run on basically fumes. Economy is further enhances thanks to the Alé’s slippery design and 1,300lb curb weight.

Via: Autoblog