DaimlerChrysler was the first to the market with the innovative clean diesel system, but now it appears that the other major German carmakers will be launching their own BLUETEC range of vehicles. Volkswagen and its subsidiary Audi will be making an official announcement later this month at the LA Motor Show, while BMW is expected to wait until the Detroit show. The highlight of the Bavarian carmaker’s stand at the LA show will be the Hydrogen 7 sedan.

A J.D. Power study surrounding the global outlook for diesels has found that the oil burners will grow to 15% of the US car market by 2015. Further, diesels fueled cars recently took over its gasoline counterpart in Europe for the first time. It’s little surprise then that car companies are hurrying to establish themselves as technological leaders in diesel powerplants.

BLUETEC is a modular emission control system for diesel engines, which reduces in particular the level of nitrogen oxides. It works by injecting a urea fluid into the exhaust system to block harmful gases from reaching the atmosphere.