Previous rumors suggested that Tesla Motors, the maker of the famous electric Elise-based roadster, would develop several other models to expand its lineup. The company has received financial support from many celebrities including George Clooney and the founders of Google, and is confident of reaching its goal of selling 500 to 600 cars next year and more than 2000 cars in 2008.

To do this, Tesla will require at least one new model and now UK mag Autocar is reporting that the next model will be a four-door saloon similar in size to BMW’s 5-series. This car will be joined by an updated version of the current roadster, with both due by the end of the decade.

In an interview with company vice-president Mike Harrigan, the magazine was told that the new sedan will mount the electric motor and batteries in the front of the vehicle and feature a rear-wheel drive layout. Production numbers are expected to range from 10,000 to 20,000 units annually, with an estimated price of £40,000 for the saloon and £30,000 for the new roadster.