Cadillac has had a dog of a time selling the uninspiring BLS sedan to the European market. The car was a hack-job based on the Saab 9-3 and never really encapsulated the image that Caddy stands for. Europe already has a negative image towards American cars and we hope the BLS hasn’t further damaged Europe's opinion of American luxury.

The first of these will be the next generation CTS sedan due next year. The CTS will offer a turbodiesel option to suit European tastes in-line with rival import Lexus, who plans to launch its own range of diesels. The CTS will be followed by an updated BLS that will come in a new Sport-Hatch body style. A rumored convertible is unlikely because the initial sales estimates aren’t enough to justify the development and production of a BLS drop-top.

The final car will be a baby Caddy positioned below the BLS and aimed at BMW’s 1-series hatch. Though General Motors’ Vice President Bob Lutz hinted that it’s possible, the car is yet to be given the green light.