We have to admit we were a little bit shocked to get this press release. After much whiskey-tango-foxtrot’ing around the office we decided to publish it anyway. Brabus claims that the goal for this modification was to turn a “carrier van into a powerful luxury sedan,” and to do so they can apply powerful engine tuning, exterior enhancement, custom-tailored light-alloy wheels and interior options that include fully customized business and multimedia packages.

The 2.2L CDI engined donor cars get a power upgrade to 150hp/380Nm, while the higher spec models get 224hp and a massive 480Nm. The petrol models also get an upgrade with the engine displacement of 3.5L being upped to 4.0L and the vans finally developing 258hp/400Nm. Brabus has also fitted fender flares that allow wheels up to a ridiculous 255/55R18 to be fitted. A typical white van with 155 size tyres, this is not.