The Dodge Viper has never been short of power, but the latest iteration due as a 2008 model gives buyers an additional 90hp, to make a total of 600hp. To achieve this, Dodge has had to tweak the engine by increasing bore size by 1-millimeter, raising the displacement to 8.4L from 8.3L. The SRT10 now delivers performance figures of 0-60mph in under four seconds, 0-100-0mph in just over 12 seconds.

It’s not just power that Dodge engineers have increased. The Brembo-built brake rotors are now 14-inches and can stop the SRT10 from 60-0mph in less than 100 feet. The manual gearbox has been upgraded to a dual-disc clutch, and the six-speed manual has wider gears for better torque throughout the range. Dodge claims the new SRT10 is a better handler, too, with changes to the suspension and a new LSD that’s supposed to provide better traction. We’ll have to try it ourselves to see if there’s any improvement over the generally disappointing handling of the current model.

Externally, there’s a more efficient hood scoop for air induction and larger, functional hood louvers to facilitate a greater cooling effect for the more engine underneath.

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Via Autoblog