Some of the last remaining roads that offer drivers completely unlimited speeds are under attack by environmentalists. They claim introducing a limit could help reduce greenhouse gases, something Germany is currently lagging behind in. Only 30% of Germany’s Autobahn road network is speed limited, while the rest allows drivers to travel at whichever speed they feel is safe for the conditions.

A report from Reuters claims that the greenies are asking for a limit because cars produce a disproportionately large amount of greenhouse gases the faster they travel. A proposed limit of 120km/h would reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 30% in the car-crazed nation.

The unrestricted nature of Autobahns has led to a gentleman’s agreement between manufacturers to hobble most cars to 155mph (250km/h).

Despite the threat, the powerful German carmakers lobby has said that higher speed limits force the development of safer cars, and in turn help the economy. But our favourite quote on the subject has to be from the The Financial Times Deutschland:

Derestricted driving on the autobahn is to the Germans what pesto is to the Italians and the baguette is to the French. No one in Italy or in France would dare to try and ban the cultural characteristics of their country.


Now if only the Aussies could be more like the Germans and reverse the decision to put speed limits in remote parts of the Northern Territory.