Despite our previous report on the sale of TVR’s assets, it looks like TVR actually has a fighting chance to compete with the likes of Porsche and Ferrari. Last year, TVR spun off its manufacturing facilities as part of a restructure and called it Blackpool Automotive. That’s the company recently put under the hammer. The ‘real’ TVR is now moving towards becoming a “virtual carbuilder” by outsourcing production of key components to specialists and utilizing an external company to build the cars.

Bertone will be completing the final assembly in Italy, but Ricardo will be providing the drivetrains, and IM Kelly the interior trim. UK’s Autocar is reporting that Jimmy Price, a constructor for Noble, will be doing the body and chassis.

TVR will build less than 500 cars this year, with the new arrangements beginning in April. The goal is to hit 5000 cars per annum. Our previous reports about the creating of a 600hp Typhoon supercar have also been confirmed, with the first of 60 cars arriving later this year.