Dodge is rumoured to be working on a small rear-wheel-drive roadster along the lines of the popular Mazda MX-5 and more recent Pontiac Solstice. UK’s Autocar is reporting that auto industry insiders in the US have now confirmed the car is in development and that it has already been displayed to key members of the media. The source claims the car will be "a carbon copy of the Mazda MX-5," and it’ll also pick up styling cues from the Dodge Razor concept pictured above that was displayed back in 2002. A near-production ready concept is tipped to be unveiled at March’s Geneva Motor Show.

Chrysler Group design chief Trevor Creed has stated previously that “the small sports car market is an ideal fit for Dodge," and that competition in this segment is not as intense as others. Even Chrysler CEO Tom La Sorda believes the vehicle would be an ideal addition to Dodge’s lineup, but whether it’s financially viable is still a major issue. “It’s something we should certainly look at,” he said, “but it has limited volume and there are other new segments where maybe the business case is better.”